I started this blog in December 2017 with the focus on cruelty-free, vegan beauty and skincare.  I had been a vegetarian since 2010 and early in 2017 made the decision to start looking in to cruelty free options for all my products.  However, I watched a very truth-telling documentary at the end of June 2017 and the very next day switched to a vegan lifestyle.

I’d spent a lot of time researching brands as it can be a minefield for new vegans, or even people who want to just start using cruelty free products, so I decided to start a blog and YouTube channel to try and help others by sharing what I’ve learnt and what I was still learning.  Since starting the blog/channel I’ve discovered there are LOTS of fantastic bloggers and YouTubers out there that cover this already; I follow so many of them because their information is just brilliant.

So I’ve made the decision to change the main focus of my blog.  I’ll still let you know about amazing products when I find/use them, and will still carry out unboxing’s when I get a subscription box (these are on hold at the moment) but these will be as and when posts.

The new focus of my blog will be around mental health, more specifically depression and anxiety.  I’m currently struggling with both (and have done numerous times in the past) so I hope that writing about my experience will help me, but that it may also help others out there to know they’re not alone.

I’ll be exploring self-care as I know this is SO important to help with my recovery.  I’ve never been the best at this so hopefully I can share what I do and my experiences with you all.

For my original ‘about me’ post (and to see pictures of my cute fur-babies (!), check out my the post here.

Chelle x